Grandview Lodge, Haldimand County

Located on the Niagara Peninsula in Southern Ontario, Haldimand County is home to the waters of Lake Erie and the renowned Grand River. A single tier municipality with a population of 45,000, Haldimand County boasts diverse urban and rural communities, affordable housing and an outstanding quality of life

Grandview Lodge has been a long-term care home since 1910.  Rebuilt in 2006, it now facilitates 128 beds within four home units.  We have earned Accreditation for meeting national standards of excellence in quality care and services.  Grandview moved from the medical model of care to that of a social model of care in 2011.  By utilizing the principles of Montessori for Dementia, coupled with GPA (Gentle Persuasive Approach) training, we have truly transformed the way we provide care to our Residents.