Director of Finance and Supply Chain

  • The Royal Ottawa Health Care Group
  • Hybrid
  • Nov 04, 2022
Full time Accounting Health Care Management Purchasing-Procurement Supply Chain

Job Description

The Director of Finance and Supply Chain oversees the Finance and the Supply Chain departments for the Royal and it’s related entities, ensuring that financial information is accurate and timely and that the organizations Finance and Supply Chain functions  are in compliance with regulatory bodies as well as meets the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

Position Specific Accountabilities:     

LEADS Based Sentinel Behaviours: The Royal is a LEADS based organization and it is expected that our leaders demonstrate the five capabilities of the LEADS in a Caring Environment through actions:

Lead Self:

  • Makes a disciplined effort to continuously be aware of one’s own assumptions, values, principles, strengths and limitations, and understand them in the context of a strategic role to connect managers with organizational priorities
  • Takes responsibility for managing emotions, mindsets and role expectations as it relates to interacting with the executive and managers
  • Systematically employs personal mastery – either formally through a personal learning plan or informally to enhance interpersonal and strategic capabilities
  • Works in a manner that is conducive with staff and patient/client safety practices, policies and procedures of The Royal.

Engage Others:

  • Ensures there is funding, processes and procedures, and appropriate accountability for professional development opportunities, personal learning plans, or performance management processes to help employees achieve personal and professional goals
  • Measures the quality of morale and productivity and ensures action is taken – with input from employees to improve morale and productivity
  • Provides materials and support for the creation and sustainability of high-performance teams in the work unit and at the senior management table
  • Ensures a work environment that is conductive to the the Royal’s Anti-Racism, Harassment & Discrimination Free Workplace Policy.

Achieve Results:

  • Sets direction through strategies that outline key approaches and tactics to achieve the results expected in the work unit
  • Clearly describes how current decisions within the strategic area align with overall organizational strategy
  • Gains support of other senior leaders and staff for successful implementation of strategies, and for changes to those strategies when those changes are validated by new evidence

Develop Coalitions:

  • Brings together multi-organizational groups to develop coalition infrastructures and build connections consistent with the service mandate of the coalition and the organization
  • Actively supports and develops processes to involve, or seek input from customers when planning changes that may impact the stakeholder
  • Develops processes to encourage the gathering, interpretation, and dissemination of quality evidence and knowledge to influence the coalition

Systems Transformation:

  • Uses critical/systems thinking to identify issues and practices that could improve service
  • Creates an environment in the respective program or department where innovation, creativity and continuous improvement are valued
  • Encourages people to think about trends, anticipate problems the respective program or department may face and create solutions in line with the values of organization and system

Accountability #1:

Direct Finance Department Operations

  • Responsible for the planning and organizing of the work of the Royal’s finance department
  • Provides financial analysis, evaluation, and recommendations to support business in contract reviews,  evaluating opportunities and business cases 
  • Oversite of the planning and execution of work related to internal and external audits to mitigate risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Evaluates internal controls for effectiveness and recommend changes when required.
  • Develops and implements finance policies and procedures and ensures compliance with internal financial, procurement and accounting policies and procedures.

Accountability #2:

Direct Supply Chain Department Operations

  • Responsible for the development and implementation of leading practices in the discipline of Supply Chain Management that support an integrated and coherent approach to the procurement and management of goods and services.
  • Guides and manages the overall provision of Supply Chain Management services, policies, and programs for the Royal. The major areas directed are: purchasing, contract management, inventory management, logistics, mail service, hazardous waste disposal and disposal of surplus equipment and material.
  • Responsible for policy development and documentation related to Supply Chain Management initiatives. Formulates and recommends procurement and contracting policies and procedure for the ROHCG.
  • Ensures processes are in place to maintain optimal inventory levels while providing users with appropriate service levels. Manages procurement activities and provides advice.
  • Initiates and directs improvements for efficiency and cost-effectiveness for materials and procurement-related initiatives.
  • Oversees the processing of contract and purchase documents to ensure that purchases orders, contracts and agreements are approved within the assigned budget.
  • Negotiates and manages highly complex, sensitive and/or controversial contracts and agreements, assessing and managing risks throughout all aspects of the business solution implementation.

Accountability #3:

Lead Financial Budgeting and Reporting Process

  • Leads detailed monthly, quarterly and annual reporting, monitoring and forecasting of the Royal’s financial position including its associated entities. This includes developing and implementing appropriate analytical tools for reviewing financial and statistical information to enable effective decision-making.
  • Accountable for accurate and timely monthly/quarterly financial reporting to ensure compliance of internal and external reporting and requirement.
  • Analyzes financial/statistical reports on a regular basis, monitors, and analyses and reconciles variance from approached plan; take remedial action to attain budgeted targets.
  • Oversees the operating and capital budget process for the Royal.

Accountability #4:

Human Resources Functions and Leadership

  • Provides leadership and direction to the Finance and Supply Chain/Procurement department’s staff.
  • Communicates and sustains a clear purpose and objectives for the departments.
  • Sets team objectives, key and operation performance indicators, monitoring improvement and measuring success through performance management.
  • Promote and fosters a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Adhere to workplace safety policies, practices and respectful workplace policies and practices.
  • Provides leadership, direction and develops excellent team working environment through best practice guidance.
  •  Coaches and motivates direct and indirect reports.
  • Accountable for the effective and efficient utilization of human resources with applicable collective agreements; policies and procedures; and legal requirements.
  • Defines and maintains clear lines of communication with all members of the team, organizational leader and internal and external stakeholders.
  • Leads a team of professionals in a manner that promotes corporate values and leadership behavior.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting/Finance or equivalent.
  • Master’s Degree is an asset.
  • CPA Designation is mandatory.
  • Minimum of 5 years’ of relevant experience.
  • Demonstrated experience in internal controls, more specifically in Internal Control over Financial and Supply Chain.
  • Knowledge of auditing practices, procedures and principles in a non profit environment
  • Experience in Health Care analyses, interpreting complex data.
  • Demonstrated experience with the principals of budgeting and financial management and analysis, preferably within the context of health care.
  • Experience in developing and sustaining effective and collaborative professional working relationships and partnerships.
  • Strong computer and database experience (proficiency in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Access), systems and tools to review and analyze performance indicators
  • Strong expertise in successfully developing and implementing policies, processes and programs in the areas of Finance and Chain Supply.
  • Knowledge of legislation/regulations related to non-profit sector sufficient to analyze proposed Finance policies and procedures..
  • Excellent verbal/written communication and interpersonal skills and experience preparing materials and delivering presentations to key decision makers, including senior management
  • Strong analytical skills paired with a data-informed decision-making approach. Must have knowledge of tools and techniques for collecting, synthesizing, and analyzing complex data.
  • Confidence, flexibility, diplomacy and solid interpersonal skills, including the ability to influence colleagues at all levels within the organization as well as with external stakeholders.
  • Ability to exercise sound professional judgment, resolve complex problems and evaluate business risks
  • Ability to use and interpret data from multiple sources to generate reports appropriate to a variety of audiences and to guide evidence-based decisions.
  • Excellent organizational skills to manage multiple tasks in a timely manner and flexibility to adapt to changing workload.
  • Experience leading a team of professionals and extensive knowledge of Finance and Supply Chain.
  • English level A- is mandatory in oral expression, oral comprehension, reading and writing.  Bilingual (French/English) is considered an asset.